Enduro Croatia and Enduro Istria is a great mix of tours through beautiful forest landscape and easy enduro rides on the coast.


Depends on your wishes, we cretaed different routes which brings you adrenalin rides, reaching the hill tops and enjoying in great wievs, as well as less hard routes which brings you more time to enjoy the lanscape and make a photo.


If you are a ‘sea fan’ and simply can’t avoid the croatian and istrian coast, we offer you rides on the coast side.


As we wanted to give you more, you have a great new possibility to choose route which you like the best each day, hard, medium, light, forest, coast or hills ride!


For a complete joy on your enduro croatia and enduro istria trip, we assured for you the best guide, accomodation in traditional istrian village with fresh made food and drinks and a safe place for your motorcycles, with washing equipment.