Enduro Croatia is often searched term between fans of this adventurous sport. Attractive routs, climbing on the hills, going down in the foothills, crossing the creeks and rivers, so as drawing from the mug are ultimate challenge for all endure fans.


Although sometimes sounds dangerous, but with the skill of driving an enduro motorcycle, with all protective Enduro Equipment, you will truly enjoy  Croatia enduro tours, where  Croatia is ideal Enduro destination.


Enduro adventure in Istria brings together best enduro paths, experienced guides, beautiful landscape and top gastronomy compounded with nice accommodation.


Fun part of your enduro experience begins when your group arrives in the village of your accommodation. In that case, the best option is one large house with a lots of rooms or few apartments, so that all group is settled in one place. It’s the best if you start enduro tour from the same place where is also served breakfast and dinner as well.


If you book your enduro moto tours in Istria and Croatia directly, without mediator, you can get better prices, higher accommodation and gastronomy quality. Hosts in Istria are usually very nice families who will make sure your enduro holidays flow in the best way. When you consider booking, check if your hosts offer a safe place for your motorcycles, as well as possibility for washing your motorcycles with high pressure washer.


Arriving in your Croatian or Istrian enduro destination, you will be surprised that houses of accommodation are mostly settled in a tiny villages surrounded with nature and that enduro paths are starting as soon as you turn somewhere behind the last house of the village.