Your paid deposit can be used for any other available date.

You don’t pay the tour, but your group pays the price based on a new number of participants.

You don’t have to cancel the tour in advance. Each morning we watch the weather carefully and we decide as a group whether we ride or not. You will not be charged if it’s impossible to ride. We do ride in a light rain.

If you book a tour (for example) 5 persons and you get an offer based on 5 persons; and then you arrive with a group of 4, we have to charge the fee for a group of 4 people.

If you book for example for 8 persons and you come with 10 persons and driving with 1 guide, you will be charged by the special discount price.

If you are a part of the enduro group and you decide to skip driving one or more days, you will have to pay the tour anyway.

If you book a tour and cancel it at least 14 days earlier, your paid deposit can be used for any other available date.

  1. You can send to Enduro Floricic 1 or more enduro groups. More groups you send, more discount you get
  2. You can organize your own enduro group and book for it each time
  3. You can make a special promotion of Enduro Floricic business

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If you or one of your friends get injured, Enduro Floricic will do our best to help. We are prepared to call medical assistance as well as transport your damaged motorcycle, etc..

Important: All participants  ride at their own risk.

Enduro Floricic will try their best to help with malfunctions but sometimes it will not be enough.

Important: Enduro Floricic is not responsible for any of your motorcycle malfunctions.

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