Enduro Floricic: 4 amazing days in Lika

Enduro Floricic team spent 4 amazing days in Lika with totally 19 people from Austria. Group was divided in 3 smaller groups: light, middle and hard. At least that was told.

After start it was clear that all 3 groups are pretty much strong, there was no beginners in the light group, very good drivers in middle group and extreme enduro drivers in golden group.

Luckily, guide for heavy group is champion in extreme enduro, because there was almost a lack of the heaviest sections. There was no mud at all, the terrain was completely dry and weather warm. On the end, group went through some of the forgotten parts of the tracks. It was pure adventure and new experience.

For the golden group it should be said that is one of the very few most experienced and prepared groups which Enduro Floricic had chance to meet. Such a hunger for ride, such an energy which endured until the very end of 4th day is really rare to see.

Middle riders totally kicked and moved borders of the definition what is middle. Really good riders which also endured 4 days without any complaining.

Some of the light drivers could also be seen in the middle group, but their aim was mostly to have fun and not stretch borders…

So with separation to 3 groups, everyone had maximum fun and I must say that all gave their best, their maximum, drivers and our guides as well to which goes special Thanks.

As the group was staying all in one place, one evening there was a party with local music. Party was also ‘hard enduro’ and a lot of fun for everyone. Enduro Floricic had an amazing time with a group and looking forward to the next meeting which will be in Istria.

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