Croatian enduro tours are divided on light, hard and extreme enduro tours


Light enduro moto tours across the Istria are including less demanding, more touristic paths, sightseeing through the beautiful landscapes, as well as enjoying in magnificent views and photography. Some organizers are also offering beautiful tours along the coast where lunches are organized in the places right next to the sea or in Istrian agritourism households in the central parts of the peninsula. The best is to try out every day different option, coast, central and higher parts of Istria. In this context, is important that you can define everything with the organizer of the tour.


Hard and Extreme enduro moto tours across the Istria are the top of the world quality enduro. Most of the time you are reaching smaller tops, hard reachable forest parts, testing your enduro technique passing through very demanding paths, and enjoying the beautiful views from the Ćićarija paths. Your tours will be consisted from the technique and endurance, but also from a collegiality. Faced with a very demanding terrain, you will often give your colleague a helping hand when pulling out the motorcycle from the hardest places. Very often you will laugh for clumsy fallings which you can record with your go pro camera. Guide is on tours like these a key for your perfect enduro adventure. Professional guide will never leave you alone in the foothill of the mountain, he will always help you and he will know to estimate how much strength remains you to continue your tour and coming back to the place of accommodation.


You will be pleased when you get back in the village which is during your stay in Croatia and Istria became your home. During the dinner in istrian tavern, you will talk with your friends about the tours, paths, falls and other adventures. The most funniest parts you will probably check on the go pro cam.


When booking your active vacation in Croatia, you are focused on enduro activities, but you should pay the attention to the quality of your staying as well. Somewhere you can find very good quality of gastronomy, some households are producing their own food, they treat you with their own products, with domestic vine and schnapps. If ambient is making a difference for you, choose a household with traditional istrian tavern, so you will besides active vacation, have a chance to experience something original and traditional. Your staying in Croatia will last a few days, you will probably be exhausted and tired, so it is very important that you are feeling comfortable and that the food is good quality, so as the whole group is settled in one place.


We offer a great mix of tours through beautiful landscape of Central Istria, amazing enduro tours on the south coast of Istria and summer tours in Lika – middle Croatia – near the Plitvice lakes.


We created different routes which bring you adrenaline rides that will test your technique and endurance. If you like the sea and simply don’t want to miss the Croatian and Istrian coast, we offer you rides through Croatian and Istrian coastline.


We also created perfect tours for summer time when the temperatures rise in whole country. Big woods of Lika near Plitvice lakes will cool you down, so you can enjoy enduro tours in less warm Lika county.


To completely enjoy your Enduro trip in Croatia, we made sure you get the best guides possible. We are offering accommodation in villas with pool or mountain houses, both with homemade food and drinks, as well as safe place for your motorcycles with washing equipment.


***We have more than 20 years of experience in guests hosting!